My greatest downfall was social stigma. I was shy and studious guy. Till my grade sixth I had only one best friend,Ashish Das.

I was particularly shy with girls. I used to play hide and seek with them, the famous ‘look only’ love in India. I knew they were attracted to me. But I lacked the courage and skills to talk to any girl.

I was in grade 8. I had a sister girl friend living close to my house. This was when I was in Shillong,Meghalaya. She asked me about my favorite girl. I told her about Chetali. She was a bong though different from Sanchita, my true love.

To my surprise from next day on-wards we were designated as couples. Lot of teasing etc. She came to me in the lunch, confessed she likes me. I was frozen!

Couldn’t mutter a single word. Here I remained single through out eighth grade. She stopped talking to me and gave weird looks. We both were monitors and yes it was a difficult year ahead!

Same thing happened with Anu. But she was bolder. She continued pursuing and we became friends.

Thus how did I overcame this social phobia?

There was a friend of mine who used to study in boarding school in Daksh shila, Himachal. He was quite popular and sort of Playboy. I asked him for his secrets. He referred me to ‘How to win friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie. That book changed my life. I read it almost 50 times. Mastered almost all methods. Applied in real life. Modified them in accordance to my needs.

I got success with girls,boys and in professional life in general. But it took long time. Almost 4 months to get a girl. I was quick learner. I resorted to other books. Primarily ‘Art of Seduction’ by Robert Greene. A must read for everyone at least as a protective tool. That book did wonders. My time got reduced to 2 months. I was happy but again greedy.

I went to research spree. Read almost 500 books, skimmed online forums and read 1000s of articles on human psychology. My time got reduced to 7 days. Any girl would fall in love with me in a week at most,with whom I had access to talk.

What is the gist of my journey with seduction?

  1. Seduction fails if you fall in love with any girl. True love has same course of action. Seduction is manipulation of mind. In love you can’t manipulate. That is impossible. Why? Seduction follows the same principles of love. Seduction is simulated love.
  2. Initially all this is a ego booster. You are dating,mating and sleeping with many girls, same time. Some one who never had any girlfriend, feels a lot up heaved.
  3. Slowly after few years it starts to suck. You know as long as your are playing, girl will love you. The moment you drop your shield of Alpha Jerk (AJ), she will run away! All this becomes hollow after a while. It is easier and cost effective to buy sex. If you want only sex from a girl, then seduction is not worth it. It is time consuming and needs lot of mental effort, unless the girl is perfect 10. You want true love after some time. It becomes very difficult again. As I said earlier, you can’t play while you love!
  4. Seduction can be used as a tool to get your true love. It can remove the initial obstructions created by primitive brain of women. But in longer run and in true love you need to drop your guard and become natural, progressively. As your girl becomes more emotionally invested, you can drop your guard. Never confuse sex or sexual favors with emotional investment! Those days are over now. Girls are also flirty for sex!
  5. In the end seducers are people. They might have some suppressed desires, some childhood conflict, some psychological issues eclipsing their inner child. They need true love and not sex. They can get sex at will.

Final note : Seduction is dangerous art. Those who know it have a upper hand in most situation in life. In life we deal with humans and a knowledge of mind is imperative. Do not get fooled by those successful rich guys or sexy divas, they are also stuck somewhere and know nothing about mind.