Jerk vs nice guy ?

Jerks are reformed ‘nice guys’. Nobody who is mildly successful with love and has looks and decent confidence will ever become a Jerk.

  • Jerks are over confident.
  • They are really fast.
  • They don’t give you a damn.
  • Very nice when they are with you but almost forget you when you are away!
  • Almost undeterred by your present boyfriend, never feel jealous because of their confidence.
  • Sexual, and can talk double meaning sentences with out fail or worry.
  • They are charming, can observe minor details. Basically they are best lovers when they are with you. But as soon as they lee your universe, they are almost invisible.
  • Non needy and nonreactive to emotional platter. Can be nasty, can say bad words to you, are not approval seeking.
  • In essence they are real people who don’t give girls a damn and care for their own pleasure above everything.

Nice guys, put ‘not’ every where in above article.

Genuine guys

  • Are bit shy
  • Have self respect
  • Are not sexual in the begining
  • Care for you
  • Have some passion or work
  • Are slow

Nice guys are NOT genuine guys but are men who want sex by over pleasing any women. Jerks are reverse of nice guys. Genuine guys have best of both worlds.