10 truths of life we know but don’t accept

  1. No one is your true friend except your parents and very close relatives (blood).
  2. Everybody secretly wants you to fail. Even if you are getting successful, they want you to be less successful than them.
  3. If you are too good and nice, you will be used for your generosity and termed as fool in close circles.
  4. Girls are hopelessly in love with Jerks and assholes. Earlier you learn this, better you get in dating game.
  5. Girls will love you even if she knows that you are a jerk!
  6. Girls say they want nice helpful faithful guys but fall for Jerks, who don’t give them a damn and treat them like crap. Never believe what a girl says. They love Jerks!
  7. Girls are usually interested in men older than them. They date older men because of their experience and social standing.
  8. Only numbers that matters in your real life is your bank balance. No one cares for your grades as soon as you are out of college.
  9. People often secretly envy you but bash you on the face. Suppose you are walking in season rains with out umbrella, enjoying the rains, people will bash you on the face but secretly envy you.
  10. We all want economic freedom but are never willing to take risks associated with it.

Life is spiral. If your head is spinning after reading this, no doubt.

What are a girl’s secrets that a boy shouldn’t/doesn’t know?