True love is sacrifice, giving all to someone and expecting nothing in return, just like Meera. This is extremely difficult in real life. Following scenario may occur if you bare your soul out to someone.

  1. They may get ego boost from your attitude and may think you as a fool and might misuse you. This happens usually with immature and insecure partners.
  2. We all are selfish. We are calculative. We want some thing in return. We want to bind our partners, we want to see how much we are getting in return for our sacrifices. To avoid rational mind in love and get totally immersed in some one’s thought, 24/7 and give them all, with out any expectation, is next to impossible. Our small ego filled minds are so corrupted than we equate true love to neediness and weakness.

Yes you have to become Meera in true love but your partner must also have level of understanding of Krishna. Same is true vice versa.

When two people really love each other and they are sure of others love, only then soulmate like love of supreme sacrifice can occur. Love is reciprocal, love is enlightenment but only with compatible partners.

All those seducers, playboys, Jerks are there on field for sex and entertainment. But deep down their they too crave for true love.

Every good player was once every good lover. Someone cheated, somebody used them and hence they transformed.

No one loves like a player, if they really fall in love.

How to know that you are in true love ?

In true love your mind sings only one song. No other person can penetrate that echo of music of love. 24 hours, one thought, one person, one idea. They become your background music. You do your job but they are always present like your inner voice. You get immense joy even thinking about them. You sing all day, every song reminds you of them.

True love is extreme calmness to your mind. Kind of enlightenment.

Love comes at most unexpected times, with most unexpected people and just happens. You can not stop it from happening. Day by day it deepens and when it captures your whole mind, you never know.

You understand that you are in love , only after falling in love!

Ah strange love!

You know about the disease only when it’s incurable!