4 things you must know before pursuing any woman

  1. Only thing worth pursuing in life is your genuine passion.
    1. You must have a life goal, a bigger perspective of life. Ask any random woman and she will tell you that ‘most appealing quality in any man is his passion’. It could be anything. Your tattoo to your bike to your venture to your gym or whatever.
    2. Passion means one thing which you love beyond anything in this whole world.
  2. Never make any women your passion in life.They vehemently hate it. Girls like orbiters but only for validation and time pass and not for real relationship.
  3. Women chase men. They chase those men who have better things in life to do than to chase women. They can sense it.
  4. Focus on your body, groom yourself,learn different subjects and gain knowledge.
    1. Improve your social market value and see women flocking for you, waiting for you in lifts and office gates. Dying for your one glance.
    2. Women have acute sense to discover real quality Alpha men (After all best job for any women in this world to get best man available to her).
    3. Women follow men who follow their own life and passion.

Woman are definitely worth pursuing, but only after your real passion.