10 things everyone must know as a teenager

  1. Girls love and think differently. Must not have wasted my precious years chasing girls.
  2. Life is too fast. Between 20 to 40, time flies.
  3. The things like vacation, movie, outing, gym etc. you postpone for next Monday, Next month, Next year, go on postponing forever. Better start it today or max tomorrow.
    1. Want to write a book, start and write it out. Don’t try to be perfect, don’t think about perfect plot, perfect marketing strategy etc. Start is the most difficult part of any journey.
    2. Want to ask out that girl in your office. Go and ask he tomorrow. Whatever she says, at least your mind is free.
    3. Want to jog, purchase sports shoes and go on the road tomorrow. Don’t worry how fast you run, how long you run,Just start. Never worry whether you may be able to go every day. Want to skip, skip a day but RESTART. Ask any one who is successful and they will vouch for starting out.
  4. Girls are hypergamous (inbuilt into them and not their fault). Love with caution and always have options (Since girls always have options, orbiters, etc. and they never disclose).
  5. FOCUS on only one thing. CAREER.Every thing else is readily available once you have one.
  6. FOCUS on getting experience more than money. ROI of knowledge and experience beats any other form of investment by a factor of 10.
  7. Invest in your self. Want to know about secret of success ? It’s hidden in library. A good book is some one’s life worth of experience. Too cheap to get it all.
  8. Save money and invest in compounding instruments like share market or mutual funds. After 10 years you shall be at least 10X more worth than your similar earning colleague with out saving.
  9. Remember rich want others to get rich. Help others to become successful and you shall be amply rewarded in ways you can’t even fathom.
  10. You can never die poor by doing what you really love, for a long time. Your interest will make your skills invincible in near future.

Life is short.Live Today.