Networking is about helping people.

  • Its about genuinely helping people reach their goals.
  • Networking is NOT zero sum game or give or take method. Networking is reaching out and helping without expectation. It comes back , manifold but you have to believe in the magic.
  • Some times one single contract, one single contact, one single reference can give you millions. These big references can come from an office boy or a peon in some corporate office or even a driver. You never know who can help you land you in big deal and hence you cannot cherry pick contacts and help them selectively in the hope of getting some thing in return.
  • You have to have the habit of working for other’s benefit, genuinely.
  • Networking is long term investment, and with all investments, this can go wrong with people but take my word, you need only one good reference to make big.

The odds of that are really high and investment is really low.