Web articles are like starters, books are main course.

  1. Web articles are usually one or two page long and give you condensed meaning of the concept. Web articles are written to give you basic gist of the idea and help you guide to broader learning resources if your quench is big.
  2. 90% of blogs are for advertising the inherent more valuable product. They only want to convey (many of them but not all) the basic useful information. Obviously they cannot write a full subject in a website because of these reasons
    1. Many people are interested only in summary and don’t want to read full content.
    2. Authors work hard to curate content, write and research about subject. A lot of time is invested to write a book. They want commercial success too, to carry forward their daily lives (if they are not part time involuntary bloggers). Thus they only write basic information on website to tease the reader. Those who want advanced knowledge, must pay for it to support author.
    3. You can say that most blogs, website articles are display window for products and you can only sneak to get few valuable freebies but not all of it. There are no free lunches and must not be.
  3. Web articles are generalised and are not localised. A web article discussing about ‘priming’ is just a general information. A text book can only discuss all the details with examples.
  4. Web articles (90% cases) are just online shopping modified as informative content. This is called nothing but content marketing.

Online World is one big supermarket only!