Young man life is not linear but spiral.

  1. Corporate life is NOT bed of roses but path of thorns. Every one is a snake disguised as deity. All are there to earn money and NOT make friends (including girls).
  2. Save money during those initial years of life. Do not spend money on restaurants, girls, hair styling products, those costly body spas, and yes useless exotic travel locations. Saved money gives you confidence to face office politics and rude boss.
  3. Start you venture sooner and don’t worry about
    1. What other will think? (Hint : They don’t think about you but themselves and they are more worried about what you think about them not vice versa)
    2. What will happen if business fails. Remember your company pays 10% of the value you create and business you bring to the table. Hence even if you are 10% successful, you will make it.You must have three year worth of back up before starting your own business.
    3. Business growth is never linear but cumulative. Hence you have to be patient initially.
  4. You will get much more girls as you mature than you can ever think off.Now you know where all those girls of your age were when you were following them. Yes with guys older than them.
  5. Sex is good but not worth spending money or your precious time. DO it if you get it for free and with out much effort. Channelizing powerful sexual energy is one of the core foundations of success.
  6. Write a journal, may be offline or in google docs. You will cherish it, your kid will love it and gain free invaluable experience. Journaling will also help you reflect your thoughts and clear your mind.
  7. Love is indeed life but money is oxygen. Choose wisely!
  8. Differentiate between the following
    1. Innocent girl
    2. Innocent faced girl
    3. Nice girl
    4. Nice looking girl
    5. Slutty girl
    6. Slutty looking girl

Finally, exceptions are always there.