In dating world this is called ‘Oneitis’.


We will discuss one more deadly situation which occurs with almost all guys in this world. You are in a healthy relationship. Everything is going fine. Slowly all of a sudden you fell this urgent need to be with this girl all the time. She becomes ultra-cute to you. You start daydreaming about her. She seems very nice, honest, innocent, faithful, perfect and emotional to you.

Suddenly you become over possessive beta male. You convinced yourself that this is the girl you were waiting for and now you love her wholeheartedly and drop all your guards, become a mamma’s boy type lover and hence are eventually dumped! We all have one or two stories like that where we gave our heart, blood and soul to these girls and got dumped in the end! But why the hell this happened and how to rectify this condition?

Let me explain anatomy of love in a bit different manner. Boys like to have a girl, possess her and do sex with her. Girls on the other hand want to hook a guy, just want extra option and go on collecting options till they get the best man they want. We want numbers that is real full-fledged girlfriends. On the contrary girl just want options. A number count. Hence a girl goes on testing their guys even after the relationship has established. In fact real test begins once they say yes. Because now it has become serious. Here is where most guys fall and fail miserably.Guys think that now she is mine and the shit tests are over.

This is what exactly happens. Just after the relationship, girls become complacent (because they have got their count, they can snatch you if they want). Guy wants dominance, control over the girl and this is where he fails. Girls stop showering all that love, frequent calls and efforts to maintain the relationship.

What you have to understand that girls are also insecure at the core (more than men). They are also rejected, dumped and used by Alpha Jerks. They also want validation from catching you! Hence when their count is over, they kind of half dump you and test your real mettle.


  • Have a hobby. Have a life, some passion and don’t make girl your passion.
  • You must follow tit for tat with double time frame. If she is neglecting you for two days, you do for four days.
  • Remember this game is short lived. She will eventually return to her original pre relationship love phase. And to your amusement when she return this time, she will become dependent on you than ever. Now she has fully tested that your shoulders are strong and she can rely on you.
  • Again now you must start giving her less attention than required (very important) and see her becoming emotionally addicted to you like a drug.
  • Ignore her calls, texts and messages etc. (else she will do it to you), take her for granted and see her melt before you. Even if she knows that you are manipulating her, she will still love you.

From the book Secrets to modern woman’s heart

I teach fuss-free love.