20 things people hope most in life (Few controversial)

  1. Good Career
  2. Compatible love
  3. Easy life
  4. Better neighbours
  5. Big Bank balance too soon
  6. Big house, property, assets
  7. Attention of opposite sex
  8. Long life (possible imortal)
  9. 1k up votes and at least 100 followers (on Quora)
  10. Becoming Famous
  11. Sexy body
  12. Cheat themselves but want their partners to remain faithful
  13. Multiple sex partners (Mostly men, due to evolutionary instincts)
  14. Published book
  15. Power (specially political)
  16. Sex (With out of league people or celebrities)
  17. Intelligence and sense of humour
  18. Peace of mind
  19. Other people’s women and money
  20. Waiting to be their dreams come true without any hard work.