10 vital lessons life teaches you

  1. No love (except mother’s love) is 100% pure. We have our basic instincts at work always. Looks, money, social and economic status, all always come into foray. Most of them are however taken care of in pre selection phase.
  2. Money can’t buy happiness only for those who have it in excess. For every one else, money does buy a lot of happiness.
  3. To get a faithful girl (who can stand with you in every thick and thin) is equivalent to becoming a millionaire.
  4. People usually are happy when you fail and unhappy when you succeed. However they portray the opposite.
  5. We feel more jealous than happy when we see others enjoying life on social media.
  6. Social media is primarily existing and growing since it fuels our unsatisfied ego and adds value to our lack of self worth.
  7. Mind can never be satisfied. Whatever you give it, it wants more. Most achievements and happiness has a life time of 3 weeks.
  8. True love do exists but very rarely you get the best person in the perfect scenario.
  9. Career comes first boys. Girls follow you when you have real achievements to show. Stop wasting time on women and focus on money.
  10. Your kids smile is the priciest possession you could ever have.

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