6 golden rules to apply after nasty breakup

I never regretted apologizing to anyone in general. But in love affairs, many of my friends deeply regretted both apologizing and going back to their Ex Girlfriends.

Men mourn for what they have lost; women for what they ain’t got.

Josh Billings

Golden Rules after break Up.

  1. Never go back to your Ex-girl friend. Women are emotional beings. Your logical excuses will do no good.
  2. If you are still in touch, avoid too much contact and refrain from giving any special benefits or treatment to them.
  3. Women are pragmatic and hypergamous (I am not against it. Men are also beauty and youth oriented. Further men at polygamous). Never apologize, seek forgiveness or beg. Love is between equals. Women think on all aspects before break up. No need to go back. f they change their mind, they can always come back.
  4. Women are quite ruthless to beta males. Apology and regret are beta behaviour and are strict no.
  5. Break ups hurts both people. But if you go back and nourish their fragile feminine ego, they will feel better and you will feel consequently diminished and worse. It will become an uncontrollable vicious circle.
  6. Girls are never truly single. They always have orbiters, pipeline proposals, nice guys desperate for girl friends. Only way to get them back or at least respect you is to never contact them again.


  • All girls are NOT same but at least 70% belong to above list.
  • If you need to contact them professionally, do with minimum personal involvement.

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