20 Deep Secrets of Every woman

  1. Her pipeline proposals.
  2. Her creepy followers.
  3. People whom she uses as ‘doormat’ and has no real feelings.
  4. Her number of sexual adventures.
  5. Her exotic sexual fantasies.
  6. Her porn collection.
  7. Her ever filed message box.
  8. People she has crush on.
  9. Her ultimate heart breaks.
  10. Number of sexual molestation attempt even by her close family friends and relatives.
  11. Her physical insecurities.
  12. Her innermost craving for real true love.
  13. Her desire for more rough, hot steamy sex.
  14. Her frustration in getting the attention of the one’s she really like and getting rid of the unnecessary attention of the one’s she doesn’t like.
  15. Her absolute hatred towards undefined social norms for girls and eccentric social etiquettes which she has to follow.
  16. Her sexy body which she has to manage and maintain ALWAYS to remain active in social market.
  17. Too many dressing restrictions and inability to free their soul whenever they like is a common frustration among girls.
  18. Her hatred towards other committed men approaching her only for one purpose and also her absolute hatred when she finds her partner doing the same.(men will be men mentality).
  19. She can’t tell you that your brother, uncle and best friend have all hit on her from time to time.
  20. Last secret women tell no one. One secret is always in any woman’s life which even her best friend doesn’t know.

What are a girl’s secrets that a boy shouldn’t/doesn’t know?