10 typical things you find in Indian Society

  1. Pseudo morals: Many of us have skin deep morals.We may bash about 10 commandments on social media and in public life but given a chance many of us just lose our morality in no time. Looting train accident victims as seen in media is a prime example of crowd losing its moral in no time. Riots also question our personal morals in a way. We all still have our animal alive.The Psychology of Mob Mentality and Violence
  2. Fake socialism : We are utterly fake and selfish creatures. Let me give an example. Recently in India Krishi Kalyan Cess @ 0.5% was levied to help the starving farmers. All the people from every sphere of life started to condemn it. They were the same people crying like widows for suicide of farmers on FB, whats App. Easier said than done!. Counter arguments like : This will never reach the deserving etc. etc.. Why don’t you devise some other strategy then ?
  3. Elders not offered seats in buses, trains or Metro: Again all become social media image building preaching only.
  4. Advantage to girls : Girls bash about equality but never hesitate for a second to take privileges offered to them even if they may not require them at all. If a 70 year man is standing in front of you, you may offer him your seat if you are young enough and a girl also!. We forget all when it comes to our comfort. we are very responsible citizens verbally!
  5. Not helping accident victim and girls in despair : We love to preach but when time calls,we are always getting late! . I have seen more labors, auto rick drivers and these so called lower middle class people helping more people than those traveling in their Honda city.
  6. Vendor discounts : We can literally kill that vegetable vendor for two rupees and extra chilies!. Chill bro chill!
  7. Preaching about real education but giving engineering only : While we ways preach about freedom for our kids but in we prefer nothing less than mighty ‘engineering’. I have seen more musicians, writers, players, actors, artists dying in boring classrooms of engineering than where else.
  8. Bashing about offering Milk to Hindu God on auspicious occasions : Sometimes we are hilariously secular. When it comes to offering milk to Lord Shiva on any auspicious day,we preach that we might have given that milk to needy children. How many of us really go and donate milk to orphanage the other day ? Zero.All charity, pollution issues, sound pollution etc. etc. takes birth only on these festivals and dies the very next day!
  9. My girl friend must not cheat but for me it’s okay : It is a trick question. If I cheat with my girl friend, ohh ‘ Men will be men’. If she cheats, I knew she was a whore!. We always defend our conveniences.
  10. Breaking rules for our convenience : We break rules in with our convenience. If it’s not harming me much, I shall abide by the rules. But if it crosses my limits, then ‘chalta hai’ attitude.

Osho said : We find valid reasons what ever want to do.

PS : In no way I am excluding myself from above points. I also guilty for some.

Originally Answered (Question Deleted ) : What about Indian society irritates you?

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