12 things women know about men but are not sure.

  1. All men flirt : Men have basic tendency to flirt with women. It is biological.How ever sexy my girlfriend, wife or partner might be, I see another attractive women, my compass will turn towards her.
  2. Men are careless : Men are careless and no doubt about it. They are not ever organised and hygienic. They pay bills at last moment, get ready for office in last two minutes to be exact, always forget ever important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, ‘when they first met you’ etc.They are utterly careless with money and couldn’t care less about bargaining with street vendors or those petty shopkeepers.
  3. Men are blatantly sarcastic: Most men don’t understand the subtle emotional cues about women. They can become intolerably sarcastic and blatant while talking with women. Many Times this tongue twister makes their life hell for days and weeks.
  4. Men are unorganised : Men hate cleanliness, organised cupboards,kitchen and whatever. They like ‘order’ in ‘disorder’. If you ever go to their place and organise it, they will have hard time finding that toothbrush hidden in their leather shoes! Men can eat apples while pooping, read news papers, play video games, watch porn, chat with their girl friends! (Multitasking is in their blood).
  5. Men are dire problem solvers : Yes men are problem solvers. They love fixing things.Okay everything’s going fine, your iPhone is working fine.How about installing android on it!. Now they have a job to fix before you come out of that shower!
  6. Men’s wardrobe and fashion sense is limited: All they have is two jeans and 20 T shirts. Ask them about fashion and they will tell you that Jeans and T shirts are in fashion! They seriously don’t understand color matching, belt matching, shoe matching, wallet matching and handkerchief matching! Men know two fashionable colors; Blue and black.
  7. Men absolutely love sex : Men are absolutely sex-romantic. They get ready for date and sex, both in two minutes. You hint them and they are all ready.
  8. Men can do sex without love: Men are programmed biologically to spread their genes to as many productive fertile females. They can sex with most mildly attractive females, given the chance. No they don’t cheat always but if they had sex outside relationship, bears no significance as far as cheating is concerned. You can get really worried if they get emotionally involved some where else.
  9. Men absolutely love kids : Men love kids. Biologically a man is far more distant from his own kids than a woman. They love kids at times more than women.
  10. Men are restless : Men are ever restless.They hate shopping since it involves godly patience! Their mind is ever wandering from sex to sports to career to business to latest iPhone model. Men are seekers and hence impatient.
  11. Men are emotional: Men are emotional, contrary to the popular belief. They cry at times (privately though) become over emotional, sentimental and possessive. Men are not hard pebbles but coconuts. Hard from outside, soft from inside.
  12. Majority (90%) of men are simple
    1. Most men don’t eve tease.
    2. Are extremely loving and loyal to their partners.
    3. Not flirts and seducers.
    4. Not perverts and rapists.
    5. Don’t harassess or molest women, both in public or private.
    6. Don’t want to fuck every second sexy woman they see.
    7. Have very high moral standards.

The problem with this world is skewed data. We are brainwashed by media. One case and we start bashing every man out there. We are a very large population. In India alone we have more than 600 million men.Even 10000 cases of harassement per day only defines one case per 60,000 males!

Data is highly skewed and media sensitises each event out of proportion.

Men really want true love, they crave for it. Men are not very social creatures among themselves, they don’t share very deep emotional issues with their male counterparts (as opposed to women).

The day women start understanding inner man and men start decoding outer persona of women , all relationship problems shall come to an end.

What are some bitter truths about life in India?