4 reasons men cheat on you

Why does a man cheat?

What ‘other’ woman gives a committed man which the ‘main’ woman can’t?

I am referring to the ideal scenario of perfect relationship in which both partners mutually love each other.

Only thing which bores any man out of relationships are

  1. Lack of novelty : You need to reinvent yourself each day. You have to improve with your man. Don’t fall in love but grow in love.
    1. Try new hairstyle. New clothes.
    2. Learn more about male psychology. Learn things in which he is really interested.
    3. Treat your relationship always as ‘new’ and never take your man for granted. There are countless pretty sexy woman out there ready to snatch him from you.
    4. In short never stop reinventing yourself.
  2. Lack of surprise : Men are absolute adrenaline and testosterone junkie. Give them surprises, thrill and they would stick with you all day.
    1. Call them at odd hours.
    2. Buy a new funky T shirt for him.
    3. Meet him unplanned at his work place or at his social meetups.
    4. Make a new dish for him.
    5. Plan surprise movie date or ‘two minute notice’ event or party.
    6. Men love surprises since they are problem solvers. Surprise always have a problem at hand. Caution: Don’t overdo anything.
  3. Lack of challenge : It is often said that a man’s interest remains in any woman as long as he has something to conquer. The moment you are totally conquered, they start to lose interest. In ideal situation, in true love, we must not think about winning and losing. But in capitalist media brainwashed generation, you need to employ certain hooks to keep your man with you. Temptations are wide too many and mind is already corrupted.
    1. Hint at times that he has something to conquer. Keep him devoid of certain personal privileges. For example you never show him your personal diary, labelled secrets (In fact that diary might just be blank).
    2. Sometimes (may be once every month) neglect him a little. He must not take you for granted. He must think that at least 1% is there about you which he doesn’t know about you. At least 1% needs to be conquered until or unless soulmate like love developes.
    3. Don’t answer his call may be once every month. let him think where are you, with whom etc.
    4. Sometimes make him a bit jealous.Little jealousy sparks love, more of it destroys it.
  4. Too clingy/ needy behaviour : Never become too much dependent or emotional with you man. Never nudge him for every tiny miny problems of yours. Ask for help when you really need it and not because he is there for you.Men too need emotional support and shoulder to cry sometimes. Be that emotional support and show him your independence.
    1. Do not call when he is really busy.
    2. Don’t ask him to buy napkins for you. (Or any other trivial thing).
    3. Don’t nag too much. Men hate too much complaining.
    4. Don’t call him to fix every minor issue at your place.

Chanakya said long before : A good life partner is girlfriend in living room,like a good mother in kitchen,like a sister in times of distress and like a good whore in bed room.

No one is perfect. We all love people with their imperfections. Be every woman a man can love and he will never leave you.

Do men fall in true love or is everything just casual for them?