8 things which really make life complicated

  1. Unnecessary Ego : Little ego boosts performance and helps in development of personality. But now a days we see super hyper inflated egos. People are getting killed for 20 INR. A bullet costs 90 INR! Ego as a confident state of mind is productive but ego as devaluing others is ever counterproductive. In fact inflated ego is just insecurity wrapped in better clothes.
  2. Useless Mind Games : This is true that world is not that innocent now and people are now too clever (Both genders).Problem starts when we assume that every one will play mind games with us. W edo not take people of face value but preconceived notions. Our minds are pre-programmed and corrupted to believe every one to be a seducer or charmer. Remember one thing. We behave differently with different people. No one can play mind games with the ones they really love.
  3. Over Smartness : We play over smart now days. I call this penny wise pound foolish.
    1. Bargain for 2 INR with the vegetable vendor, pay 300 INR for pizza.
    2. Refuse same accessory sold on footpath for 50 INR and purchase same thing wrapped in better packaging from a AC shop for 500 INR! Most of the Chinese products either sold on foot paths or AC showroom come from same manufacturer. Show rooms and big shops just pack them well and sell them better! One little trivia : Do you know how Chineese mobiles (Unbrabded) are procured? I was in Jaipur and in those days Chinese mobiles were sold per KG of weight! Smugglers and illegal vendors used to sell 5000/ per KG of mobiles to local shopkeepers. It depends on your luck how many will work and for how long! If you live near border areas, you can too buy mobiles per KG.
  4. Not Living in the moment: We either live in past regrets or future worries. Its okay to think about past mistakes and future worries. The problem arises when we run our mind on Autopilot. We constantly go on thinking about imaginativ efuture and unchangeable past. There is a difference between self introspection and mindless thinking.
  5. Over cautious future decisions
    1. You didn’t proposed to that nice girl because you thought that you two can never unite.
    2. You never purchased that stock when it was on all time low and you hunch was constantly pushing you to purchase it.
    3. We are at sometimes over cautious and overprotective about our hunches and decisions. This creates too many missed chances. Life Is Risky at every step. You can die tomorrow of a heart attack or a rashly driven car might kill you next morning. Don’t take life too seriously. Some element of risk is at times fun and immensely rewarding.
  6. Not giving number 1 priority to health : People always trade health for money, comfort and fun. There can be no greater deterrent than bad health later on in your life, crippling you to enjoy all or any of your hard earned money.Health is not wealth. Health is everything.
  7. Over Sensitivity over certain issues : Sometimes we over react, are over sensitive about certain social and moral issues. At times we must chill regarding issue srelated to sex, religion and fake social image.
  8. Giving too much priority and value to love and relationships (Younger generation) : Our generation is obsessed with love and relationships. Every one wants someone special to share their heart out, to share their passion and joy! Don’t you feel that there is something wrong here. This is all media hype. Ask those who are in relationships. Love is a part of life and not heart of life.
    1. Have a real passion, a real goal in your life.
    2. Focus on improving yourself, always.
    3. Love yourself, live for yourself. people fall in love with complete and happy individuals. Love is shared, joy is shared. If you have fun people shall find you and share fun. No one can make your otherwise mundane life a rocking saga.

Final Bit : It takes time to make personality, learn fluent English, learn communication skils, gain confidence. Sometimes years. Don’t get disheartened. Go on working hard and you shall be there wherever you want to reach. Make a goal your passion and not a person.

What do people want most in life?