Attraction is not a magic pill.

  1. Confidence : Number One thing which attracts any woman is genuine confidence. Confidence is not being the best in the room or being the most attractive guy on the floor. Confidence is the ability to be yourself and ability to accept yourself with all your flaws. No one is perfect but the best ones accept their imperfection and embrace their shortcomings.
  2. Positive Self Image : I don’t say that you must be arrogant or cocky but you must have positive image about yourself. You must feel good about yourself. Women have highly developed sixth sense. They have innate ability to read your mind through your body language and non verbal cues. Women seek high value mate. A high value mate must have a bit of self respect, a hint of mild arrogance and a bit of pride inbuilt into him.
  3. Bit self absorbed : Women are chased everywhere for only one thing. If you start giving any women undue attention with out seeking any other information about her, she will reject you as a creepy skin digger. The key is to give her only attention a stranger must be given in given circumstances. As a seductive tool too, a woman must think about you to fall in love with you. A little neglect is a very potent tool in initiating any courtship.
  4. Fashion consciousness : Women live in glamour and fashion. Good dressing sense can really help you go a long way with women. Bit of peacocking helps with younger women. Stay with minimum accessories though. Too much showoff always hurts.
  5. Active Listening : Listen to anyone with infinite zeal and patience and they shall be your slave. We all want to be heard and understood. Listen to any women, take active interest in listening to her problem and genuine efforts in solving them and she is yours forever.
  6. Fractionation: In deep circles of seduction fractionation is number one tool to make any women fall in love with you in seconds. It is a bit difficult to master but results are multifold. What you do essentially is create a pattern of pain and pleasure in any woman. Say something humorous and then state something serious. Fractionation literally means division. When you confuse any woman’s mind in two contradictory emotional states, her attraction for you becoems very strong. Why? Because we share deep emotional thoughts only with out near and dear ones. When you make a woman fall in deep emotional polar states, you make her fall in love with you. You are just reverse engineering love. In love we have deep emotional bonds with others. We share all. The good, the bad, pain and pleasure.All. Same here.
    1. A word of caution for girls: This technique is very powerful since it simulates love. I warn girls about this method used against them. If some one makes you really emotional in very short span of time but never really cares about you whenever you are not with him, beware, he is a seducer. A true love also invokes high denomination feelings in you but a true lover is concerned about you afterwards and often checks your emotional state. A seducer on the other hand gets busy with some one else, playing his tricks.
    2. Use this technique only when you want to get your true love. This technique works on men too but in a bit modified form.
  7. Non needy non clingy behaviour : Women absolutely love men who are emotionally independent. More free your lover is to go, more likely she will remain with you.
  8. Mission or passiion in life : Women absolutely love men who have a passion or higher goal in life. You must have a higher perspective of life and a real goal. Men love women and women love passion in men.

Attraction hacks are tweaks in your personality and not a replacement of love, care, attention and real concern. Nothing fulfills like true genuine love.

Secrets to modern woman’s heart