4 weird observation about human nature

  1. People change faster than you expect.
    1. With changing socio-economic factors you can see through people and their real motives. There are very few people (Around 1%) who are really with you, like you, love you and not who you are.
    2. You think your girlfriend love you for what you are, your real heart and not your bank balance, car and iPhone? Just text her that you lost your job, lost a lot of money in share market and are practically bankrupt.
      1. 99% of girls run away like you are next epidemic disease of third world!
      2. Before commenting that your girlfriend is NOT like that, please do the experiment. Make it realistic. Post Facebook status etc. Tell your friends to back up in case she tries to confirm.
      3. Girls behave differently to different people. Same as men behave differently towards sexy girls. She loves you for ‘who’ you are (or can become) and NOT ‘what’ you are. This is the prime difference between male love and female love. Men love women for ‘what’ they are while women love men for ‘who’ they are.Men’s selection is usually final and they don’t always recheck their girls. While women continuously test men for social and financial status. In last decade (with the advent of internet, Whats App, FB, Snap chat etc), this phenomenon is at all time high.
      4. Women are like customers and if they find a better suitor for their assets they switch fast. I don’t find this wrong but warn my fellow brothers that your girlfriend is never final. She is final till the time you are fitting into her socio-economic fabric. Only 1% girls are immune to this.
  2. People’s minds are too gullible : Having learnt and applied functional psychology to great success, I can safely confirm that minds of people are easily hack-able. We all think in patterns and are slave of our habits. Our mind work on principle of least energy consumption. To conserve energy we think in short cuts. These short cuts and their understanding is the main principle of seduction,marketing, most of show business and politics.You can read more at Thinking, Fast and Slow, wonderful book by Daniel Kahneman.
    1. We work in shortcuts.
      1. You are driving and you take your know turn involuntarily.
      2. You go and purchase your favorite known brand product without thinking. Our mind work like that. All those promotions do only one thing. They make a habit in you to use a particular brand without thinking.
      3. Any new movie by your favorite star is must watch. You are habitually inclined and not logically inclined.
      4. Your dream girl has habitually disliked guys with beards. Hence you lose without even getting a chance! (If you have beard). Positive seduction does only one thing. It removes those negative shortcuts from woman’s mind and gives you fair chance.
  3. People are too gullible to body language cues and non verbal communication : Chang in body language can make you 10X more seductive with women and effective in other professional settings. We and women in particular are very much aware of these non verbal cues. All this is unconscious. Look at any hero of any movie. How he carries himself. Now look at his beta friend. We can sense it but not explain it. We unconsciously adjust our body language in accordance with the environment.
    1. Like every skill, body language is also a skill. We may have been taught wrong body language skills in our young age.
    2. Stand straight, chest up, chin up, talk slowly, walk slowly, don’t move your head too much, look straight into eyes (Like 70% of time).
    3. Looking directly into eyes of women (Not intimidating though) is one of the best methods to develop strong attraction. Looking into eyes is a sure sign of confidence as well as intimacy. It’s like Benjamin Franklin Effect. We look more into eyes of those whom we like. If you look more into someone’s eyes, it signals the brain the you like them and vice versa.
    4. Remember communication is 93% non verbal.

People are weaker than they portray, they are much more tensed and confused than they show, there are multiple layers beneath that strong face and personality. They are much more gullible and vulnerable. Those who know this rule the world.

Secrets to modern woman’s heart