1. Girls are cautious. In earlier phases, for boys relationships are just another time pass. Boys fall in love with every second girl they meet. If girls too start falling in love with boys so soon the whole world will turn into one night stand people.
  2. Commitment for a girl means giving access to mutual intimacy. Physical intimacy is key for any relationship to start. Girls hold the power by withholding physical touch while men have all the power by withholding commitment.
  3. Girls are infinitely choosy like customers. They always wait for the best and latest models (offers). This is not bad at all.We all want the best for us.The problem in relationships is that a guy’s social market value goes up if he already has a girlfriend, while a girl’s social market value goes down if she has a boyfriend. Hence girls remain single for a long time.
  4. A boy can form a relationship with a girl only for sex. A girl can easily get sex at will. Hence girls are more choosy. For a boy count matters while for a girl it’s the quality of partner.
  5. Boys can have many pastime girlfriends and one main girlfriend. Girls have many waitlist suitors and one main suitor. The real evolutionary problem is that while a boy is programmed to pass his genes to as many females, a female is programmed to choose best genes for her offspring. A boy can fuck a beta female but a girl can never settle for a beta male lower in status than her. All this is unconsciously built in girls and boys.

Having said that, a man’s love is much more deeper than a woman’s love. We love the girl and not what she is or could become. Girls always factor in what you can be or will be in the equation. They start loving you only when you fit in their Alpha scale.

Brothers love your career more than anything else. And girls, love your looks, skin tone, fitness etc. Men can’t help but go after most gorgeous fit girl.

No love without lust or selfishness. Later it may become pure but always starts like a business deal.