Contrary to the popular belief, there are no magic words to flirting.

  1. Flirting is 90% body language and confidence. An under confident person speaking the best pick up lines looks like a fool. While just ‘Hi I am Hemant, glad to see you’ said with confidence can do the magic.
    1. It’s not what you say but how you say. You are not giving university viva that everything must be perfect. You are just starting the conversation. Don’t over think.
    2. Flirting is just bantering with sexual hints. Girls like it when you are a bit direct. It shows confidence.
    3. Remember it’s a two way game. Women need men and men need women. They too crave companionship, love , relationships, good time and off course sex.
  2. Don’t over compliment. It must not look needy or phony. It should come naturally out of conversation and not look like fitted canned text.
  3. Don’t try to be funny or humorous. Girls are impressed by many factors, including personality, clothes, looks, status, knowledge, your calmness etc. More you try , more desperate you look, lesser your chances.
  4. Girls are equally nervous in any social setting. It’s only they are in passive social structure, they look more relaxed.

Best approach is when it never looks like a approach. Looks natural.

  1. You are a man and it’s quite natural to get attracted to girls and talk to them.
  2. Girls know this. They too want to interact with guys. They are as nervous as you are, at times more.
  3. More conscious you become, more difficult it gets.
  4. More you wait tougher it gets.
  5. Don’t think about rejection or acceptance this early.
  6. No one can reject you if you want to talk to them! Unless you are too creepy.
  7. Think connection and not sleeping with girls. Just think to talk to them for 2 minutes. Easier goal. In a month you will be quite good.

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