• It’s not that scary or demotivating as it seems at 20.
  • No your knees don’t pain, your stamina is not lost, your vigour and energy doesn’t drop to 50%. All that is relative. If you have active life style, take proper nutrition, go to gym or jog, take supplements, your are as good as anyone in their 20s. In my gym people who lift the heaviest are in their 40s.

In one recent study, competitive athletes in their 70’s and 80’s were found to have almost as much thigh muscle mass as athletes in their 40s, indicating that muscle deterioration can be halted as long as you maintain an exercise program

Exercise Can Help You Age Gracefully

  • Your happiness index increases. Multiple studies point out that people are often much more happy and less stressed in their 40s.
  • People understand this world, they know the mechanism and hence are at peace with them selves. They have some identity of their own, are not lost on identity crisis of 20s. Usually have fulfilling family life and hence no greater heart break or heart burn issues.
  • Economically people are more sound, can make better financial decisions and have better peace of mind along with future security. They don’t have to prove themselves professionally, have a choosen career path and better life and career goals.

No you don’t get old in one day. Your feelings, zeal for life, enthusiasm, body mass, strength, memory, intelligence, sex drive and many other innumerable things don’t die the moment you turn 40. With the advent of new supplements, medical interventions, latest research in mind and body, 40 is new 30.

Take care of yourself. It has been postulated that with rapid growth in medical science, those under 40 (as of today) can live forever.

END OF DEATH: Humans will one day be able to live FOREVER, says leading researcher

Live forever: Scientists say they’ll extend life ‘well beyond 120’

Let’s live forever 🙂

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