1. Not proposing or asking out people they really love. Greatest regret persists and happens when you know love was reciprocal but neither could convey it in clear terms. 90% of true unfinished love stories fall in this category.
  2. Not able to marry or live with people they loved due to circumstances. Surprisingly more women than men fall in this category. Many girls decide in split second mental temptation of comfortable life and ditch their true love. These women regret their decision later in their life. A man’s future can never be predicted. None knows what your guy whom you left for comfy love turn out to be. Usually unsuccessful true lovers become very big in life and usually they do get true loving and caring girl. You cannot fathom the silent regret and grief of these women. Aman is like a high value stock. You need to take risk and invest in him at the right time. Your risk is your reward. After getting successful he will be surrounded with so many girls that you can’t even reach him.
  3. Not following their passion or real passion. Everybody has a passion. People take lifeless jobs in pursuit of fake social image and numbers on the screen. Once your basic needs are met and are stable financially, you search your lost guitar and forgotten painting brush.
  4. People regret breakups with right people at wrong time. Usually girls are more prone to mood swing break up and hence regret it the most.
  5. People regret helping their best friends financially. They lose all, friendship, faith and off course money.
  6. 90% of their time people live in their future or their past. 50% of that time they repent for the things they have done or haven’t done. Out of those which stick to the mind are the things which they have never done. Surprisingly lost love or unrequited true love keeps coming back. It comes back every three months then every six months and the cycle continues. It keeps on prolonging but never ends fully.
  7. Girls regret sex with seducers and players who use their body and ditch them. Sex in pretense of fake love is bigger crime than rape. You rape a body in forceful sex but you rape a soul in fake love. You cannot think of pain caused in any woman who has suffered this kind of behaviour especially if she is a nice girl. In rape you can justify yourself because you were physically bound. In seduction based sex, the justification never suffices. You curse yourself day in day out (If you are a nice, sensitive girl). You find it very difficult to believe in love again.
  8. Boys have same issues but with the girls who use them either physically, emotionally or financially and then leave them without notice. This kind of pain for both boys and girls is very difficult to forget.

Why are most people not satisfied with their life nowadays?

Break a heart but never break trust. Buy sex but never fool anyone for that. Similarly girls don’t misuse those nice guys. It is these guys who become players, seducers and use 100s of girls for their split second pleasure.

Be happy, Be good.