For a boy the best way to get your love back is to leave your lover for sometime. Girls ruminate, rethink,revisit their decision. They are often moody and their mood changes after some time. It is never a good idea to disturb your lost girlfriend before at least two months of breakup.

No contact rules works for 70% of couples. If no major incompatibles are in between two of you, it will work and you can reunite.

For a girl, if your really want to get your boyfriend back and he is not reciprocating or contacting you back, no contact backfires. Men are wired differently. Due to testosterone they often have issues with self doubt. Men are always competing. To get you love back you need to reassure them of their self worth. A breakup breaks not only heart of a man but also his self worth. A girl can get validation once she walks down the street. Hundred leering eyes can assure her of her beauty and self worth. For a man only way to get his self respect back is by getting a new girl.

Thus you need to assure them by some means that you still value them. Do not directly shoot a message to them that you love them but somehow let them know that your miss them. Men are Sherlock Holmes. Usually by your social media activities they make out your mental state. Posing too many happy pics, social media, frequent status updates etc will make you lose them forever.

Jealousy is a virtue when they love you but is taken as infidelity when you are not in touch with them.

How do you know if someone is worth your time or not?

Men are like glass. Handle with Care.

Women are like flowers. Handle with love.