1. Eye contact : Eyes are most seductive tool in love affair and otherwise. Eyes are indeed index of your soul. You can lie, you body can lie, your eyes can never lie. Pupils dilate when we are excited. Our eyes smile when we see someone we love. Studies have shown that prolonged eye contact can make people fall in love. You must try to look into people for about 60% of time. More than that is intimidating. Further do not look for more than 8 seconds with out breaking eye contact. For lovers, you can look when for as long as 4 minutes. Studies have shown that if you look into your lovers eyes for more than 4 minutes without breaking contact, you both with get hypnotized, your heart rate will shrink and your will fall in love with each other more deeply.
  2. Straight posture. Straight posture signifies status and confidence. Don’t lean forward or backward. Keep shoulders and chin up. Don’t move your head too much. Moving head too much signifies restlessness and underconfidence.
  3. Always sit in wide position. Means take as much space as possible. Subconsciously people and girls are attracted by alpha males. Taking more wider stance while sitting or standing makes you look big.
  4. Do not touch your face while speaking to people. Touching face usually signifies lying and underconfidence. Your credibility can take a Hit. Usually people touch their nose when they lie.
  5. Avoid closed position or cross legged position. Cross hands, cross legs, closed position, hands in pocket, all signal anxiety and negativity. No one wants to interact with anyone who is himself self aware and anxious.
  6. Pat on shoulders or forehand during discussions had shown to increase trust and comfort between people. Touch them but keeping local social norms in mind.

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