1. Money is your self worth. Your job, your career, your bank balance is above everything you have known till in your life. A man (slowly changing also for a woman) is always the personality which he represents in society. Never be delusioned about this. Never.
  2. Second most important thing you have is your health. Take care of yourself. Run, go to gym, learn about supplements, nutrition, bodybuilding and other aspects of human physiology. Health is indeed wealth.
  3. Girls love alpha successful men. Yes they love you, truly love you. Your job, your social profile, your health, your bank balance etc are all part of the package. I find it perfectly appropriate. Men also love women on the basis of how they look. That true , divine, cinematic unconditional love takes years to develope. It does exist. We do love people unconditionally, but never in the beginning of any relationship. Never break your mirage, your outer charisma before your lover. Your can bare your soul but only after sufficient time has passed. Before that refer to points in 1 & 2.
  4. Guys and girls out there, welcome to the age of manipulated media brainwashed mind. Do play some mind games (specially men). Learn some Alpha male traits. Some dating, texting rules. You will thank me later. Once you understand the working of female mind, you will laugh at your own methods. It is alot easier to woo any woman and make her fall in love with you than you imagine. Do this only to get your true love. Anyhow psychological principles and their understanding will help you go a long way.
  5. Learn selling. Learn techniques used in sales and marketing. Learn reciprocity, scarcity, social proof etc. Learn about biases, the way mind works and you will be at the top soon. Only job in this world is selling. You are selling yourself in interview. You are selling yourself in dating. You are selling everywhere and Everytime.
  6. The way our mind behaves is thrilling. Our mind has two parts. Left mind or logical mind and right mind or emotional mind. The two often communicate. Left mind converts emotions to words and right mind converts words to emotion. Many times their is conflict between the two minds. What we feel and what we say and what we do, sometimes mismatch. We may say that we only like girls with nice heart but when we see a sexy girl we can’t stop ourselves from getting attracted. Similarly a girl might say that money does not matter and only character counts. But whenever she sees an attractive rich alpha male she has no control over her emotions. Understand this contrast between feeling, saying and doing. Seduction or attraction hacks are just balancing of these two contradictory states of mind. One more thing. Methods used to woo girls are entirely different from method used to woo men. Never mix these two.

What is it that men do not understand about female attraction?

Life is not a red pill or blue pill. Life is nonlinear. No one theory, no one rule can explain life. Life is a rainbow. We all are good, bad, nice, cunning, loving, seducing,manipulative, simple. Surprisingly we behave differently to different people. Hence do not judge anyone from what you know about him. Always judge people from how they behave to you.