1. In India you can see every possible kind of girl. Sexy girls, normal girls, sexy and egoistic girls,sexy but humble girls, gold diggers, manipulative girls, simple girls and so on.
  2. Indian girls have plethora of options but the secret is that 90% of those are creepy followers wanting only one thing from them. Girls hate them dearly. The boys these girls want or follow often don’t love them. It’s just like sitting in the sea but nothing to drink!
  3. A good percentage of girls are very nice at heart and will do anything for love. Problem is that their relationship quotient is next to zero. They can’t get the man they love and those who seduce them never love them. Same is true for nice good men.
  4. India is poor country and hence money with comfort tops the bucket list of girls. Money equals talent and hence it is prerequisite for any relationship.
  5. Indian girls are way more sexy than you assume from their behavior. They watch hell lot of porn (more than men) think more about sex and like sex too much. It’s a different thing that cultural and social boundaries have stopped them from openly expressing and exploring these wild aspects of their social life.
  6. Girls crave love twice than men. Having options and having choices are two different things. Many times girls keep boyfriends for social validation, protection from creepy followers and some help. More than half of girls are not happy from their current relationship and can switch if they get better option. Thus all those girls roaming out their are’not’ so taken. Keep trying dude. All these boyfriends aren’t real.
  7. A girl can’t resist an Alpha male or high quality male. She has no control over it. Dress well, keep yourself fit, shave daily, clean your teeth, have bath and see girls going Gaga over you. The problem with this world is that only 6% males take care of them and display Aloha traits. Hence competition is fierce at all other places. It’s not very difficult to take care of yourself. Girls work hard to keep themselves in shape and their skin glowing. They deserve someone who is equally diligent with looks and hygiene.
  8. Girls are equally anxious when approaching men or even approached by them. They keep a straight face but their heart pounds when they see a handsome man. All their resistance is just skin deep. Once your start interacting with lot of girls you shall learn that they have same inferiority complex as you have, they too fear rejection and they too are afraid to talk to you!

If a nice Indian girl with deep rooted value loves you from her heart, there is nothing better than that. Indian girls in true love are real treasure to have. When a girl falls in true love with you, all her tricks, manipulation, girly tantrums etc just melt away.

How relevant is unconditional love today?

Dare to love.