In your thirties

  1. Quit alcohol and smoking if you haven’t done yet. In 20s your immunity is strong, your liver young and your wisdom low. Now quit as soon as possible.
  2. Make important dietary changes. Leave sugar (processed sugar) completely, including all sugar drinks, soft drinks and energy drinks.
  3. Stop running after girls. Either settle down with a good girl or become choosy in your chase. Everyone is not worth your time and effort. Your love is not hormonal teen love in your thirties.
  4. I recommend you joining gym if you haven’t yet or have stopped going in mad career rush of late twenties. This is the time to make or break your future health. You cannot reverse an eye damage or knee damage if you miss in your thirties. Don’t sell your time at the expense of you life.
  5. Slow down a bit. Enjoy the rain. Write a poem. Life is not taken to be that seriously. Grab your guitar and sing a song. Go play cricket again in the field. Life Begins at 40. Still 10 years left for that!
  6. Write a memoir or on internt or a blog. Share what you know to your younger friends so that they may not face all the obstacles you have faced in your life. Sharing is caring.
  7. Don’t take loans for second home or a bigger car. If you haven’t taken any loans till now, its already great. What happens in mid thirties that your income grows and these corporations and banks further tempt you to surrender you happiness and freedom to them.

Avoid Regrets in life later by following these steps in your 20s

A loan is just another slavery warrant for next 20 years.