1. How much you know about human psychology, how many relationships you have been in, how big love guru you might be, when you fall in true love with someone, all you games, manipulation, tricks, methods vanish. We all crave true love. What do you think makes ‘nice guys’ learn red pill and seduction methods? They all want true unconditional love and till then they are not getting it, they keep playing around.
  2. Love is irrational. Utterly irrational. If you really and truly fall in love with someone, all of their faults becomes their good qualities, you are engulfed in halo effect and you logical mind stops working. No one can make you fall in love with them. Neither you can make anyone fall in love with you.
  3. You can use seduction methods to ensnare people for some sex or love but the moment you drop your methods, seduction techniques and games, your mirage is broken and you lose forever. Seducing the people you really love is never a good idea. Yes seduction methods can clear initial hurdles of evolutionary mind. But some people start enjoying the power and take it too further. Remember you can never naturally love someone you seduced. Its utterly boring. Use seduction as a catalyst. Get your love and slowly drop your guards. Don’t start enjoying the power of seduction. You will repent if you want natural love later.
  4. You cannot solve your own love problems. Mind is irrational when dealing with emotions. Emotions have such strong impact that it can change your life upside down. Love is the strongest emotion and lost love is even stronger! Before falling in love totally, keep a tab on your feelings.
  5. Men are often seen mourning about lost love. Let me tell you a deep secret. Women mourn more about lost opportunities and the love stories where they lost high quality men or Alpha males. This loss and grief is strongest if Alpha males leave them without closure or necessary drama involved (Which Alpha men often do).
  6. If you want to leave man and want him a bit of suffering, create drama, make him beg or come back many times by alluring him every now and then. Like his posts on social media. When he returns act cold. An uninformed male will get devastated by all this drama of push and pull and shall be your emotional slave for long time. On the contrary if you want to make any women who misbehaved with you during the relationship phase, don’t give her any closure or drama. Show no remorse or grief. Act as if nothing happened and see her crumble to her knees in short time. Women want emotional explanations for logical problems and men want logical explanations for emotional problems. Hence the Difference.
  7. Love is intense emotion. It motivates you if successful and kills you if unsuccessful. Fall in love but with caution.
  8. We all want true love and we all are searching it in a imaginary hypersphere. Open up a bit, lower your guards and see love is available everywhere. Love is made for risk takers. Those taking theory classes on love online at the comfort of their home, shall remain there forever.
  9. Love is not perfect but it’s all about loving imperfections in any person. Yes love starts with selfishness. But If your love reaches those deep states of mind where the two become one and you see nothing else but only your love and lover, you will never forget that experience.

Why is it that the one we love hurts us so much?

Love is greatest intoxicant out there. Keep loving.