I have a set rule regarding love. I never love those who don’t reciprocate. This is non negotiable. You must keep a tab on your feelings. At any point you find your love is not reciprocated, you must have the guts and spine to back off.

People love you for what you are. People neglect you for your weaknesses, your lack of self respect and your neediness. If they are not reciprocating, respect their decision and choose a different path. If they really love you they shall come back. If love can be stopped , it wasn’t love.

Now there is a caveat. If you haven’t professed your love, your relationship is very new and your partner is not aware of your thoughts, in that case you can try till the point you let them know in clear terms about your interest.

Should I propose a close friend who I have been with her about a year?

I tell you a secret. People really like those who are nice, clear from heart, have no unnecessary tantrums. But again having self respect is also very attractive trait. They might not love you after you back off but they shall always respect you.

How long it takes to move on after break up?