Not a good idea.

  1. Girls have their ego tied to their looks and social profile. Understand this fact that girls can never get any man if he is not interested in her initially. On the contrary a man with some methods, some improvements, some money or social market value, can get a girl. If a man is not attracted by looks of any girl, any amount of anything she do will result in vain. It’s a dark reality and girls know it pretty well. If you have dumped her then reapproaching shall back fire. She will get (try to get) her lost validation of charm back. She will entice you and then reverse dump you! If she has dumped you even then it’s not a good idea for same reasons.
  2. Women are very shrewd and careful while selecting and rejecting men. It’s their primary focus on life to get they best man for her charms. Same is true with men, but men are lot less choosy. Any decent looking girl, if she proposes to any good looking man (higher than her in social market value), even then chances of acceptance are quite high. It’s a irony that social conditioning stops girls from getting many potential mates who are higher than her in SMV.
  3. Reason is simple. To get any girl has same trouble and hard work. Same routine of meeting, getting number, dating and then proposing. Men hate this bloody ordeal. Even at times when mutual interest is evident and succinct, girls play a lot of hide and seek (basically drama) to say yes.
  4. Only way to get your ex back is to be present in her vicinity and not approaching directly. Don’t approach her as if you know her since ages. Restart the routine. From stranger to friend mode. Girls are like petals of flower. They open step by step and close step by step. Hence never assume same level of connection and warmth while restarting. They close in reverse order! From inside. This all is due to their hormonal profile, social conditioning and looks based ego driven mentality.
  5. Checklist
    1. Never ask out directly and all of a sudden.
    2. Consider it as a new relationship and don’t assume comfort.
    3. Try being in her vicinity butt avoid direct approach.
    4. Be casual when talking to her and treat her as a near stranger.
    5. Open up as comfort grows.
    6. Never show your desperation for relationship but focus on friend only.

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