1. No one is extra ordinary or extra intelligent. Whatever you see from outside is result of years of hard work and practice. Its a different thing that ‘Art lies in concealing art’ (Ovid).
  2. You can never understand the power of consistent hard work and learnin, unless you try it yourself. Just going on doing your core job can help you reach heights you never assumed or imagined. Just go on doing your core job, rest is not in your control.
  3. Sex is most overrated drug sold to youth. Ask those in more than five years of relationship. Surprisingly we feel that new girlfriend, new sexual experience shall give us better feeling, better satisfaction. But ultimately you will learn that only true love fulfills and everything else makes you more thirsty.
  4. You cannot predict your future. You never know where will you work in next five years (Unless in fixed goverment job) and who will be your girlfriend or what will make you happy. All variables of life change too fast. Life is unpredictable and hence interesting.
  5. Girls think and behave differently. What they say and what they say they like or like to do is entirely different from what they really do! Accept this fact, learn women psychology (Similar advice also for women) and avoid commuinication gaps. Men and women are entirely differently wired. Only common point of intersection for the two is bedroom!
  6. Invest in yourself. Go to gym. Buy better clothes. Eat healthy food. Every little addition to your lifestyle adds to your social and professional profile. Remember you don’t sell your Qualifications, connections or degrees. You sell yourself, everywhere.
  7. Love (aka relationship) Is extremely overrated and you are brainwashed by this capitalist media. Yes you need partner, you need companion but love is not necessary for a happy life. Only happy people can attract true love. If you seek happiness via relationships, it will bring more pain than joy. Love is not over rated but its depiction as all problem solver is indeed.
  8. Family comes first. Fall in love, give everything to your lover but only after family, career and health (In that order). Change order only when your love turns true unconditional love (Yes you have to test your lover and love many times). In any case, family comes first (Unless your lover becomes your family or part of family).
  9. Don’t believe in what people shout and say.Believe in what they really do. This world is overfilled with thankless and heartless people.
  10. This might seem counterintuitive but never help anyone without any compensation or other rewards. Days of helping others out of friendship are long over. Yes help people to network, connect, reach their career goals, as long as it is not costing time , effort and money on your part. Free help is not valued by most people and they always misuse it. Further they are insanely thankless and consider you to be an emotional fool!

What are some of the ways to enhance your common sense?