Just joined the dreaded ‘C’ world

  • Avoid all kinds of affairs. A young girl (also boys) and if she is a bit charming too, is everyone’s buddy and in hit list of almost all. Till one year of your job I would advise to keep your social flirting profile at low key value. Boys must avoid office romance at all costs.

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What are some life lessons you’ve learned after being six months unemployed?

  • Don’t try to be oversmart or over hard working employee or over intelligent : Contrary to the popular wisdom, new entrants work too hard in the beginning (Since they have no prior work experience). After some time their reserved energy is finished and they can’t maintain their level of output. Later they are always cursed of not working hard enough (compared to their own standards)! Moderation is the key. You can always increase the hard work later as your real capacity increases.
  • Do not stay in office more than 15 minutes after your shift ends. It’s always taken as lack of competence and NOT badge of hard work.
  • Avoid taking any thing in cash or kind from office without written proofs or consents. After the mess up they will blame you (As a scapegoat and newest member with least power)
  • Never believe in your colleagues. All are competitors and newbies are biggest threat to them. They would love to throw you out as soon as possible.
  • Avoid talking about religion, sex and politics without knowing the culture of organisation. Be in learning mode and respect those who know more than you. Ask for help from seniors and they shall feel better.
  • Play “I know nothing about this cruel world’ game and you shall earn a lot of insider tricks. They all have a lot of knowledge hidden under their belts but never reveal unless you give stroke to their overblown hidden ego. You might know many of those tricks but many are still new.
  • Focus on learning initially than salary. People can smell your knowledge and expertise and just like fragrance of a flower your expertise flows through the air. If you have to tell you are ‘talented’ probably you are not.
  • Just go on doing your work. They always put you under invisible scanner. Everyone you meet is a secret spy. Don’t let anyone know about your incompetence. When ever you ask something supply more than half the information. For initial six months treat everyone (Including the peon) as your boss (In the sense of spying and not in the sense of rank). Always say good things about everyone until you know their real equations.
  • Never discuss you family problems, financial situations in the office. Not even your personal love life (of outside office). They shall always misuse the information and use your boundations against profit of company. Remember companies are not human and they don’t have feelings. They know and want only one thing from you: productivity and profit. You are just an employee ID unless you get them profit and utility. Ultimately your contribution counts and everything else is just a word (Love, care, promise, friendship etc.). Every other word in corporate dictionary is after profit.