This might come as a shocker to girls.

Men are quite simple human beings. We need a nice face, okay behavior and some empathy to fall in love with someone. We have very limited list of requirements for a relationship. In short we are less choosy. Thus men fall in love 20 times a day!

Then what is the determining factor for men to really fall for a decent girl?

Yes it’s indicator of interest and affirmation of girl. Girls on the contrary are allot more choosy. They wait and choose as if applying for a job.

In my case, if any girl is really interested in me and half of our chemistry matches, relationship is guaranteed. Humble advice for girls.

  1. Make your intent clear. Talk to guys. Now the age of equality had arrived. Distractions are many for everyone. If you like someone, make it clear, approach and then wait for them to bounce back. Boys don’t have very strict criteria for girlfriends. They don’t think that much. They just need directions and anchoring.
  2. Since boys are exploring and restless don’t blame anyone if they don’t come back to you and settle for someone else.
  3. Men are biologically attracted to any women with healthy genes and decent face. Hence they never have that dream girl image tightly glued to their mind. They can accept a lot of adjustments!
  4. According to the principle of reciprocity, we tend to like those who like us. Hence a clear signal shall always work.

Ifa girl really start taking initiative, their choice and pool of options can see a major uphaul in numbers. They will end up surely with much better partners.

Does love happen naturally or does it needs some techniques to make people fall for you?

Remember boys are never yours unless you explicitly connect and express. Boys become serious in any relationship when they have a relationship.