1. I am infinitely moody. For example I will write 40 answers in a day on Quora or finish a full 200 page book in four days, while at other times I may not write a word for months. I depend on my mood and creative energy to write.
    1. Writing is love, passion for me and I don’t take it as a job. Further I write for myself, to unleash my creative energy and hence don’t write politically correct articles or people pleasing articles. To me a spade is ever a spade.
    2. I am never afraid to write about off rack topics or taboos lik esex and dating. I only prefer truth, rest is meaningless for me.
  2. I am confusing, perplexing and eccentric. If I love you, you are on my mind 24 hours.If I don’t love you, you never cross my mind ever! Kind of bipolar and extremist.
  3. I guess I am polyamorous. I can and still love more than two people at the same time with equal faithfulness and sincerity. I thought I was hopeless romantic and monogamous but my recent self interpolations and introspection divulged the fact that I am in fact polyamorous. How come I get attracted to someone else if I am having a perfect (near perfect) life? I guess it’s in my blood and I can’t help it. I mean no harm to anyone and I am equally supportive to all my partners, but I can’t help myself falling for a new one every now and then. Surprisingly many of them know this and still stick. But yes my relationships are basically non sexual and more like deep friendships. I can’t divulge more a sit is already more!
  4. I get bored very easily. I get attracted very easily and fast but soon I get bored. Onus to get attracted to you is on me but to keep me attracted is on you! Any decent girl with some charms can make me fall in love with her but only for 48 hours. I Have tested it. I fall for 48 hours and after that if nothing special is there, I move on pretty quickly.
  5. My love is cyclic. It come sback and goes away. Out of a sudden I start to feel intense love for my Ex lovers. And out of sudden it vanished in next 48 hours!

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PS : I don’t need love or lover. I am in perfect bliss. Love is a part of life and not heart of life.