Ah more than anything. You might be surprised to know that greatest army of stalkers are women! You can never be sure that Angel priya and Naughty Pooja with whom you are flirting freely might be your Ex or next!

Girls spy on you and almost desperate for your messages etc only because they never ever initiate and always play power game. Since according to the rules of power mind games, one who succumbs loses all their present power and power pendulum shifts to the other side.

It’s a zero sum game. Your loss is other’s game and vice versa. Further once this game gets sets in motion, it never settles down for very long and even unwillingly you have to play the game!

I have always maintained to never to spy your girlfriend as if she wants to cheat she can do it in front of you!

It’s a woman’s job to keep a man interested in her and not vice versa. It is here most men are failing and hence falling off the cliff.

Revisiting absolute don’t s of dating and relationships

Man’s job is to satisfy a woman’s primary need of security (Mental) and companionship. Its woman’s task to attract you and keep you attracted. The problem with today’s blue pilled men is that they are overdoing things and doing the job of both the genders! practically in today’s relationship a girl has nothing to do, nothing to worry about and no other job except to cheat!

You are following her everywhere.

You are validation her all the time.

You are spying her always.

Now what she can do?

Yes she can cheat!

Josh Billings : Men mourn for what they have lost;women for what they ain’t got.

The mourning never ends and the guilt never dies.

PS : I was thinking about one more ‘insane’ happening. After breakup we expect our Ex lovers to not to fall in love with someone so soon! We derive our value from the amount of time our ex mourn for us! We don’t want them back bu tw edo want them to suffer a bit so as our ego is soothed!

Ha crappy world of ego.


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