I can write 1000s of words on how to manipulate people (both ethically or unethically). But still let me give you basics of all manipulation techniques used all around the world. Businesses manipulate you, media manipulate you, loves, seducers and even you manipulate others without knowing!

Before talking about unethical manipulation let us talk about few ethical manipulations.

  • Asking for help after giving a compliment or praise is manipulation and is ethical manipulation.
  • Wearing sexy clothes to short circuit a man’s functional mind and get your work one is again ethical manipulation.
  • Showing false anger and sometimes remorse to get your work done is again mild ethical manipulation.

These are ethical manipulation since the other person has a small clue of being manipulated and even after knowing this he complies. There is an small element of will hidden in his actions.

The book written by Robert Cialdini, Influence, talks about ethical manipulation. He describes reciprocity, liking, authority, scarcity,social proof and consistency. All these are perfect ethical manipulation.

Now about unethical manipulation. These are basically flaws in human psychology and exploited by marketers and seducers. Using subliminal messages, giving vague commands (also known as insinuation), fractionation etc. are all unethical manipulations.

Almost all method of seduction employ power of patterns and working of human mind. Our minds are designed to conserve energy and hence we form several shortcuts to combat our daily life. You always chose the same route to your office without even being conscious about it, same brand of pen, same restaurant to eat out etc.

It takes energy and effort to create a habit as well as break it. Seducers work on creating patterns and then breaking them. Each time victim recreates a pattern, their ability to resist hypnotic commands of seducers decreases. They make you fall in love with them and later make you fall out of love with them. It looks counterintuitive but works very well. Every time you fall in love with them again, the affinity increases. After a certain time your emotional tabs gets broken and you become obsessively in love with them.

Most important point about this kind of seduction is that even if you are told that you are seduced, you cannot undo love!! Your mind will start rationalising every behaviour of them!

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This is dangerous and life altering experience. The damage to your psyche is permanent and can never be undone. Just like a hypnotist, only a hypnotist can relieve you out of trance, only a seducer can set you free.

Rule number 1 : Do not fall in love with a seducer (charmer) or player.

Rule number 2 : Follow rule number 1.

Awareness is the best defence against mind hack. Be safe.