Yes people hide many things.

  1. Everyone things he is super smart and others are damn fools. We think we know everything and others know nothing.
  2. People usually hide their insecurities. We all need validation and love. But most of us show to the world that we are super strong. Inside every tough coconut there is soft Coco. People are usually more weak than they show to the world. There outer cover is tough but only skin deep.
  3. People hide problems. We all have countless struggle and hindrances in like. We are emotional being behind that poker face. We want love but only after assurance that it would be reciprocated. We are very vulnerable from inside but put forward a strong face. It’s kind of ironical.
  4. We all want true love, unconditional love, without any pretense and mind games. But if we are presented with an opportunity to be with someone we love, our automatic mind shall play games. We are not what we say or preach but we are what we do. Realising this true manipulative nature of ourselves is the real liberation.
  5. We are inherently selfish. That’s our survival mechanism. We have to understand this basic philosophy of nature and have to feel comfortable with it. You are selfish and so is everyone else. Accept this, embrace this and yes manage this.
  6. Men want sex and women want security and comfort. Getting enlightened to this basic premisis of nature is a fundamental understanding of our primal behavior. Embrace it and forget feminism. Women date higher and men date in multiple, that’s the Stark reality of nature. Don’t try to beat that and change but only manage.
  7. Women are complicated (read moody) and men are careless. Anyone deflecting from that original path is either phony or fake. Degree might differ but not that basic nature.

What are some things men don’t tell women?

End Note : We are 90% inside and only 10% outside.