In academics and in real life, smartness is gender independent.

But in love life smartness of a girl is determined by giving the right exposure and hints to keep men interested.

On the same time she must hide the right amount of information to be discovered by men to keep them intrigued.

To make a man interested in you, you have to divulge interest and mundane details. To keep him interested you need to hide puzzling information from him and let him discover them himself by solving cues.

Men are Sherlock Holmes by nature. If you hide (your interest in them) all, they will never be started. If you tell (show interest and information about you) all they will lose motivation to continue.

Love game is the fine balance. Woman wins as soon as man shows his total commitment and interest. Man wins only when he gets a girl completely.

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If you are not puzzling and a bit obscure, you will not get quality men to follow you for long.

You must be easy to approach but difficult to attain.

Smart woman always play dumb in love affairs.