Suppose you have a mirror made up of glass. You don’t maintain that mirror well. After some time a lot of dust settles on the mirror. You get a new mirror.

You realize that the new mirror is not as good as old one. You go back to your dump room. Find the old mirror. Clean and polish it. Not it is as good as new. You now take care of it more since your have now tested the new one and find it doesn’t work.

Same is with rebound love. If your new love is not as good as old, your will cherish it more. If you haven’t found anyone yet but still remember old mirror, you will take care of it more.

After every patch up, love usually increases.

But there are few preconditions.

  1. If the mirror was broken badly beyond repair then this philosophy will fail.
  2. If the original mirror was defective then also this will backfire.

Does unconditional love exist?

Now how strong will be rebound love?

It depends whether the mirror was of glass or gold. You know gold never breaks but bends.

True unconditional love can always be recreated.