Heartbreaks are overrated. Yes it pains for a while but sooner or later we all move on. Our minds are positively biased. We tend to forget negative events soon. The problem with heartbreaks is that the intensity of pain is exponentially huge at the onset. But the pains subsides sooner than expected.

The rate of loss of pain is exponential. It dissolves pretty quickly.But till the time it is there, it pains as hell.

The pain will linger in the following cases for long

  1. You cheated and they knew (Mutual love).
  2. They dumped you for your unpardonable fault.
  3. No one cheated, love was mutual but society or circumstances was the cause of breakup.
  4. Love was conveyed via gestures, was mutual but not confessed in words clearly.
  5. You never took any initiative to carry forward the love and were waiting till eternity, while they moved on thinking your shyness as lack of interest.
  6. You became obsessive lover after they dumped you and they dumped you many times. One must wait for sometime before recouping with your lover.

How the rejector in unrequited love will be feeling?