I don’t know about others but for me, the love is final. If I have ever really loved you, even once, then I can never hate you. That feeling may subside, that raw emotions might die but that warm feeling never goes.

Love is converted to hatred only when the other person cheats you or never loved you back but was only acting.

Love only happens when you start to love everything you hate about anyone. If that has happened then how can you possibly unlove someone back?

But yes the spark dies, those intense feelings are not there. It’s not that if I met someone I loved once now, I will again go head over heels over them.That era needs to be recreated. The only difference is that this time it’s a lot easier.

How do I make people fall in love with me?

Love take stime tocome and takes time to go. It often revisits in bouts and then calms down. Love Is tough, you know. I have a particularly bad memory. I often forget my enemies let alone forgive them. Life is short, why waste it on negative emotions.