Main reasons millennials are bad at relationships

  1. Instant gratification aka noodle relationships. Everyone is in hurry. We want love to happen fast. The time of a relationship now a days is averaged at 2 month. Earlier people used to wait for years before entering a new relationship. Love take time to come and time to go. In love there is no breakup but heartbreak.
  2. Most of new kids are single kid of their parents. They are too pampered and have no idea about sharing things and love. They fail totally to give care and love. They have a habit of getting everything without effort. Hence give and take equations is always at deficit at both ends.
  3. Easy availability of options is also a big spoiler in today’s relationship. Ego pampering social media and easy access to communication has degraded the state of love deeply. In my days of landlines, just to hear voice of my girlfriend was a feat in itself. Now nudes even don’t make a cut. Whatever is easily available is always valued less.
  4. Media brainwash do play a lot of role in degrading status of love. We have been programmed to believe that only comfort and sex is needed for good relationship. In today’s era, men are wallets and women are skin. This is dangerous at both ends. Nowadays we have accepted the shallowness of relationships. I guess true love is no more and the way we love and knew love shall never come back.
  5. We move from one tree to another hoping that this time the fruits shall be sweeter and better, only to find later, they all are same. We all live in same society, consume the same media, live in same world. We all are cunning and corrupted. We all are selfish. Thus to expect to find true love is just another wild goose chase.

What is love?

Having seen all, I can assure you that, only true love fulfills. Take your time and effort to find the right one.