If you are thinking about love then

  1. Your mind must come at absolute calmness in presence of your right one. You must feel bliss and no other emotion. Absolute cohesiveness.
  2. Time must stop fleeing and you must stop looking at your watch with them. Absolute comfirt, no complexes, no pressure to perform or impress.
  3. Either you speak or enjoy the silence, the need of words to commuinicate must end. Silence has a music of its own and you both must be able to feel it. You listen to the music of their voice and not the meaning of their words.
  4. You feel absolutely safe with them. They make you comfortable and at ease. You love them, you love their talks, you love their silence, you love their presence, you love their absence, you absolutely love them.
  5. Remember love is not the same as insecurity. You don’t continuously spy them, wait for their calls or messages, don’t play mind game to keep them with you. You feel absolute calmness whether you are with them or without them.

What is love?

Love is tough in the beginning but pays very well in long run. Those who are madly in love with each other (After all mind games phase is over) can relate to this. Only love fulfills, rest is marketing.