I love men. I love few things about my male friends which I severely disdain about my female friends (present and past).

  1. Men are seriously ‘uncomplicated’. Men are simple and are more or less straightforward. We are polite and humble but never phony on the pretext of social etiquettes. If we don’t like your makeup, we will prefer to stay silent or just give yo mild praise. Mild praise from a man is equal to soft denial! But unlike your girl friends, we will not go on selling misconstrued truths like cuteeee, so beautiful and the likes. We want to keep it simple and we tend to keep it simple.
  2. Men are seriously practical and deftly street smart. We know how to fix many household things and if we don’t know we can try to learn from sources. We are seriously ‘mini super heroes’ when it comes to fixing a lot of mundane things. We are constantly bombarded with ideas and we are in constant progression as far as skill sets are concerned.
  3. We don’t pretend (or can’t pretend) : If a man likes you , you will know it for sure. We are very bad at hiding emotions and even worse in expressing them!
    1. We don’t know what to gift you on our date or even whether to gift you or not!
    2. We don’t know how to express our love by making mood or environment. We just go and say ‘I love you’.
    3. We often fail to gauge hidden convoluted meanings in sentences disguised as complaints from women. You say that ‘leave me alone’ and we leave you alone! It is so difficult to understand what a woman really wants!
    4. We are really bad at mind games which women play. Women are naturally manipulative and clever as far as love and relationships are concerned.
  4. We love totally, unconditionally and truly. If a man falls in love with you(true love) then he can really die for you. Man’s love is perfect but woman’s love is always practical. Yes she do love you unconditionally and totally but only if certain ‘conditions’ are satisfied! This is not woman’s fault and its inbuilt in them. I am yet to witness a story when a man left a woman for being a loser. Having said that, in 1% cases true mutual love do exist which is ready to fight all odds.
  5. We are too smart in real world but too feeble in love affairs. A mans greatest weakness is the woman he truly loves. Since woman seldom lose the thread of practicality (via ‘he is a loser’ logic), few men find themselves in great dilemma if their love fails or they are replaced by other men in their girlfriends life. Since for a man love is unconditional, he finds it extremely difficult to cope with it. Anyway, leaving the gender bias, anyone who loves totally and is replaced without proper closure, often suffers for a very long time. Love is a complete emotion.

How would you describe the experience of true love in your life?

Let me add a secret. Although men learn a lot of seduction tricks and often use it to get a lot of girls to inflate their microscule insignificant ego, they secretly crave true love. Every man cherishes a girl with whom he can be himself, with no mind games whatsoever and true unconditional love. Sadly this is not the way dating marketplace works.

Having seen it all, I can assure you, only true love fulfills, rest is marketing and capitalist propaganda. Those who have really loved can relate. The mild , soft, real fragrance of true love cannot be equated by fake perfumish relationship type love.