• A girl who is with you only for money is not your girlfriend.
  • You don’t love her desperately but fear that you will never get someone as good as her, if not better.

Few other points

  1. There is no such thing as unconditional love. Every friendship or love has at least 20% selfishness to begin with. In Fact we start with almost 80% selfishness. You want to fuck that beautiful girl and she want to enjoy your company, status, knowledge or maybe money.
  2. True love takes time. It takes lot of sincere small moments of tender love and care for anyone to become your soulmate. But yes if that girl is gold digger even after a long time (maybe six months), then you must also treat her like a whore.


Just leave that girl for 30 days. Your time starts now. Be brave. Tell her that you think it not working and you want to rethink about relationship. Tell her that you want to be her friend always.

Watch her reaction. Analyse her social media activities, see whether she contacts you ever on her own (on any pretext). Try to find whether she has any grain of love for you.

If she become sa bit restless, a bit unorganised, a bit off balance, you got your answer. If not, you can convince yourself to leave her forever.

Most Important Rule : You are not going to contact her ever in this 1 month rule, neither directly nor indirectly. You are only allowed to respond briefly in a ‘friendly’ way.

Why relationships fail?

Sometimes people do love us but don’t realise themselves. They only value us when they lose us completely. Tests are designed to check love. Don’t get obsessed and start using her emotions. Mind games are like games. They are not war. You never kill in a game, in a war, yes you do.

Everything is fair in love and war but war is not fair in love.