The most important thing to get a girlfriend is not ‘sense of humour’ or ‘Alpha Male attitude’ or ‘street smartness’ or ‘Money’ or ‘Mind games’ or the list goes on.

Yes these are important but only to a certain extent and that too only in the beginning of any relationships. Remember all these rules, mind games etc. are starters of any relationship. You definitely need them else you will never start.

If all the above qualities are not the most important thing in any relationship, then what is the most important thing?

The most important thing in any relationship is ‘safety, security and comfort’. The girl must feel safe, secure and comfortable in your presence. She must trust you and be comfortable with you (and vice versa).

Having said that, I do not want all of you to suddenly jump to that ‘nice guy’ bandwagon. You have to maintain certain Alpha male rules (since they deal with subconscious mind make up of women), you must know few rules of texting, calling, reward and pain etc.

10 ultimate advice for Indian guys in relationship

Making a girl feel comfortable caters to her conscious mind while being a alpha male is for her subconscious mind. Alpha male i an attitude, it’s a habit, it’s second nature and not a conscious effort. But sometimes we get carried away with too much of Alpha male and forget the basic of love.

Love is comfort, safety, security and compassion. Seduction is the background music, never visible but ever present.