A guy who truly loved you never fully moves on. Yes they find new love, find new partners but the true love lingers for long for guys.

They often show they don’t care, they often show they have move done, they often behave as if everything is normal, but one gentle stroke of love and they crumble like anything.

There are exceptions though. If the guy never truly loved you and was just attracted, they do move on. In these cases you can tell that they have moved on by their indifference towards you.

Opposite of love is not hatred but indifferent.

They have moved on if

  • They don’t bash about you everywhere, right from social media to whatsapp status and don’t tell everyone how ‘bad’ you were.
  • They are not trying to be actively seem ‘disinterested’ in you.
  • They don’t really avoid you like plague.
  • In essence they don’t really care whether you are alive or dead.
  • They don’t hate you enough!

What are some things men don’t tell women?

Guys are best lovers but they are better fakers too!

Test your love and test their love and do that often.

Pro Tip : Just try to find any hint they leave on any kind of social media about ‘not caring’ about you and ‘hating’ you and you know that they do care!

Why say they hate you? Why even hate?

Answer ends here.

End Note : I don’t hate you now!