Active love (Interest) outside relationships

All men don’t cheat or intend to do so but biologically men are polygamous. God made us to spread our genes to as many females while for females it is to accept the best genes available to them. Hence all men (either consciously or unconsciously) are looking for those ‘extra partners’ outside theri current relationships. Men are hardwired for that and they can’t disclose it to their partners.

We don’t always take bath

When your man swears before sex or blowjob or kiss that they are clean and have taken a shower just before meeting to you, 9 out of 10 times they are lying. Just before meeting you they might be surfing web or playing video games or chatting with their ‘other’ friends. They had completely forgotten the meeting with you and remembered only before 10 minutes you text them or call. You now know how they can get ready in those 10 minutes and meet you in time! As a rule of thumb, men take only two minutes to get ready.

  • Change T shirt
  • Change bermuda or shorts to jeans.
  • Use deo.
  • Shave if you can or just use trimmer.
  • Comb your hair by applying some moisturising agent or gel
  • Get set go.

We hate long talks on phone

You know how we talk to our friends on phone? Yes, ok, bye, chal milte hain! (Lets meet!). We usually use phone to set meetings or convey very important messages. Those Long talks do boost our ego in the beginning but after some time they become a headache. Women are descriptive and men are minimalistic. You see the contrast.

We absolutely hate shopping (Usually jewellery or clothing)

Who in the hell wants to shop for three hours to select those similar looking 10 outfits just to reject 9 in the end and buy only one! I have seen women trying the same set three times! We shop in maximum five minutes. Choose any four to five jeans or T shirts, test them for size, select all! How simple!

We sincerely hate your best friends

We may not have any time for you when you are free or want to talk to us but we sincerely hate it when you talk to your best friend on phone for hours. It incites and unknown kind of jealousy! You must only focus on us, you know!

We usually hide those secret bachelor parties

You know when we are out of town for all important business meetings or that special weekend ‘extra’ job (On which our promotion aka your new gifts depends), most probably we are having a small bachelors reunion party on cards. Men do not share dangerous vacation details to their partners. You know amount of time taken by train to reach a sufficiently long distance is double of what one needs to quickly fly to ‘bangkok’ and come back!

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Men are masters in hiding emotions

It is very difficult to make from surface what’s really going on inside a man’s mind (and sometimes inside his body!). We are masters in having stoic model face. We will open many times only when you strike the right chord.